About us

Welcome to the Website of the WMSMP! To find out a bit more about who we are and the role that we play in migration in the West Midlands please see the information below.

Strategic Migration Partnerships (SMPs) are local authority-led partnerships which provide structures and forums of engagement for effectively dealing with migration at a local, regional and national level. SMPs work to meet the needs of National and Local Governments, and local communities. We bring together senior representatives from Local Government, Home Office, national government, statutory, voluntary and community and private sectors. These unique cross-sector partnerships with political oversight, support, discuss and represent national and local needs to ensure that migration is managed to benefit all in the West Midlands. The WMSMP has developed in response to changes in dispersal and migrant patterns, numbers and policy requirements. In 2007, the core activities of the partnerships were broadened to cover the wider migration agenda and their impacts on local areas. 

WMSMP is one of twelve Strategic Migration Partnerships (SMPs) across the UK that were established following the introduction of a regional dispersal policy in 1999 for people seeking asylum.

The other strategic migration partnerships in the UK are: